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Immigration Attorneys

The immigration system has a reputation for complexity that is fairly earned. The complexity of the laws and the dense tangle of agencies involved in immigration matters can make it difficult to determine your options and the best way to proceed. An experienced immigration attorney can help guide you through the process and help you understand the challenges you face. Whether you are hoping to avoid deportation or obtain a visa, an immigration attorney can help you understand the process. Most immigration procedures require a large amount of documentation and a strict adherence to deadlines. An attorney will know exactly what you need to file and when to file it, as well the best legal arguments to make if your case requires a hearing. This expertise will bring you peace of mind as you enter any immigration process.

Hiring an Immigration Attorney

Finding the right immigration attorney can be very difficult. Foreign nationals may not have any experience with the U.S. legal system, have difficulty communicating in English, or may encounter other obstacles to communication and understanding. Even U.S. nationals seeking representation to bring a family member to the country or to hire a foreign worker may find the immigration system confusing and strange. Your immigration attorney ideally will help to resolve these problems, but some simple preparation can help ensure that you do everything you can to avoid miscommunication and confusion altogether.

Learning how to select an immigration attorney that will best represent your interests is the first challenge and can affect the rest of your immigration experience. With guidance -- such as helpful questions to ask during an initial consultation and a list of documents to bring to their office for an initial assessment of your case -- you can avoid some common pitfalls.

Learn about situations in which an immigration attorney may not be necessary, what special help they might be able to offer, and how to select an immigration attorney when there are several available.

Working with an Immigration Attorney

Attorneys and clients work together to win a case of any kind, but this is particularly true in the immigration process. Although an attorney can explain and interpret the law, the intending immigrant must provide their lawyer with the information and documents needed to support their case. Timing is critical in immigration cases, and the failure to organize and submit documents can result in denied applications and lost opportunities. Preparation and organization are two of the most important tools someone involved in an immigration process can give themselves and their attorney.

This section includes an intake questionnaire that will help you understand the sort of information your attorney will need in order to give you accurate advice. Our list of documents to show an attorney can help you make the most of your time with your lawyer and help you provide them with the best evidence and information to support your case.

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